About Us Lanson Enterprise Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr Alan Ng in year 2004 as an environmental solution company in Malaysia. At the beginning, Lanson core trades are to tsupply, install, service & maintenance and after sales services cost-efficient and environmental- friendly evaporative cooling systems in industrial or commercial premises and buildings. Mr. Alan Ng is the pioneer and first importer for Keruilai brand started from year 2004 and the first evaporative cooler in Malaysia market.

Evaporative Cooler first saw the need for evaporative cooling units when the manufacturing boom in China began in the 90s. A modest plant with a total 30,000 sq. m. was built in Dongguan, China to manufacture and assemble the cooling units. With little experience but tonnes of passion and a never-say-can’t-be-done attitude, the team in China started production and sold its first unit.

In the early days, some parts for the cooling systems were obtained from various sources with the final assembly done at China factory. To stay competitive, we dedicated financial and human resources to develop our Research and Development (R&D) department.

Today, we are proud to be the only evaporative cooling systems manufacturer in China and Malaysia with an advanced R&D department. One of our proudest achievements is to produce and assemble Keruilai systems 100% in-house. This saves money and time, therefore, ensures we only offer the highest quality products and quickest delivery to clients.

Started on year 2008, Lanson has brought in another JingHui Evaporative Cooling System from China under the category which given client another choice for the product in Malaysia.

Beside Evaporative Cooling System, in year 2008, Lanson has expanded it business to different industrial but stay on it track as an Eco company. We have tight up with the world leading in Non-Water Operate Evaporative Cooling System from United State of America for the region of South East Asia along with our Singapore Associate; the Big Ass Fans (BAF) as the one and only in Malaysia to make it the first appearance.

The brand BAF is not common in many European country or environmental leading country as the product make a hot kick on it size and patented technology through it role out in the world. Until recent year 2010, we had installed more than 400 units in Singapore and Malaysia markets which we can say is an outstanding achievement.

Since then, we have many request and interesting come in to us and we are making the market another great effect for eco product. Lanson foresees the future of Malaysia market will be more on Environmental and Energy Saving products and development. As for pass 7 years experience in Malaysia market, Lanson had secure few more Sole Distributorship of Environmental products from French, Japan and China to Malaysia market to cope the latest trend of Green Building and Energy Saving Initiative.