Evaporative Cooling Systems The principle of evaporative cooling is simple and century-old. When we stand by the sea or any large water source, we feel cool after hot air is blown over the water. This is due to evaporation when the hot air is absorbed by the water and ambient air temperature is reduced. The air becomes a refreshing breeze.Advantages of Evaporative Cooling compared to Air Conditioning Cooling:

Evaporative Cooling
Operates optimally with ventilation and in open spaces
Brings in 100% fresh air and does not re-circulate state air
Increases humidity level in working area
Ambient temperature depends on ambient conditions
As ambient temperature increases, energy consumption
remains constant while efficiency increases
Filters air.
Built-in filtration removes dust, bacteria and minerals from
air stream.
Air Conditioning Cooling
Operates well in a closed environment.
Re-circulates approximately 80 – 85% of internal, stale air
Dehydrates the environment within working area
Rising ambient temperature increases energy consumption, reduc
Temperature is fixed and not subject ambient temperature.
Does not filter air.
Does not have filtration to remove dust, bacteria and minerals from
air stream

Green Evaporative Cooling System: The Future of Nature’s Air Con
Evaporative Cooling System harnesses the benefits of evaporation through the ingenious “patented, multi-layered fibre cooling pads” from Sweden. A central component in each evaporative cooling unit, this cellulose cooling pad is the key to the cooling effect. When warm air passes through the cooling pad which is soaked in water, water evaporates into the air. The air is cooled when it releases heat to evaporate the water. Cool air that comes out from evaporative cooling unit can achieve the ideal temperature of 28oC in any factory or commercial spaces throughout the day.
Built using latest technologies from Australia, Evaporative Cooling System provides simple, cost-effective and safe cooling to create a comfortable ambience.

Simple – Its simple design allows distribution of cool, fresh air into a factory or for spot cooling. Regularly serviced cooling pads can last up to 3 to 5 years and with standard basic maintenance of the cooling unit, evaporative cooling is the simplest method to cool the working area.

Cost-effective – Saves 70% on electricity bill and 60% on maintenance cost making evaporative cooling method a practical and affordable solution to cool large areas in any commercial or industrial operations.

Safe – Does not emit CFC that depletes the ozone layer and operates on a flowing water-based system. Due to its design, there is no water stagnation or misting. This minimises exposure to potentially harmful organisms present in water which can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a form of pneumonia. The plastic and stainless steel construction prevent corrosion.
Evaporative Cooling System Suitable For

1. Any Industrial Sectors with Heat Problem
2. Any Industrial Sectors with High Electrical Consumption on Heat Solution
3. School Hall
4. Outdoor Food & Beverage (Café, Restaurant, Food Court, Mamak Store & Etc)
5. Outdoor Entertainment Centre (Amusement Centre, Futsol Centre, Driving Range & Etc)
6. Indoor (Any indoor Area with insufficient air-conditioning)
7. House Outdoor or Indoor
8. Bus, Taxi and Airport Terminal
9. Green House
10. Petrol Station
11. Multi-purpose Hall
12. ShoppingMall
13. Boulevard Area